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0.8.0 seek problem

Jonny Bergström
(I'm sending this again - not sure it ever reached the list)

I'm using the Linux red5 0.8.0 release, streaming vp6 flv using rmtp.

Using the Flex "VideoDisplay" client.

It behaves a bit strange. During playback, I do a seek - sometimes the player seeks for a while (I'm using a pretty slow connection atm, the seeking/buffering until playback resumes can take several seconds) and, even if the playback (and obviously buffering) does not actually stop, the stateChange comes back with a "VideoEvent.STOPPED", which means the player thinks the video has stopped. The Flex component is designed so that when VideoEvent.STOPPED is received, no further update events like time etc are retrieved anymore.

I'm a bit confused now if this is a problem of the server (like Red5 incorrectly sends a stopped or similar event), or with the Flex component (like it "times out", waiting, at some point).
I'm really confused why this stop event comes up at all, because the playback resumes normally after the buffering completes - the video playback continues but some of the describing data stops coming.