How to run eclipse red5plugin server with flash client

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How to run eclipse red5plugin server with flash client


    Here i want to create sample application like hello world using java eclipse and flash client .some blog is there but its not give me the clear picture also dont know how to run it?
 1.  i install java7 and eclipse indigo and red5plugin 
   2  .create dynamic web project in eclipse ->namely SampleApp and project facets ->check ->  red5 runtime environment box
   3.everything is ok successfully i create the project SampleApp and SampleAppclient too..
   4.In SampleApp application class is there i think am i override the method and create server setup
   5.In SampleAppClient i found sampleappclient.mxml file with default code
   6.atlast i install macromedia flash player after that i dont know how to run this program and import SampleAppclient in flash how to go forward?

   please help me briefly   


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