Overriding getSharedObject() method in MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter

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Overriding getSharedObject() method in MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter


I am fetching a SharedObject to ClientSide using SharedObject.getRemote(<SO name>,<uri>, false) in actionscript.
I want to apply some validations while returning that SharedObject from server side. And, to do so 
I tried using Application class which extends MultiThreadedApplicationAdapter class and I have
overridden method getSharedObject(IScope, String, boolean) and added validations.

But when code is executed, the method which I have overridden is not called. Instead 
control directly goes to SharedObjectService#getSharedObject(IScope, String, boolean).
As this is in jar I don't want to add my logic there by changing the source code. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Please guide me for this.

Thanks in advance..!


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