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Re: FLV playback via Red5, general questions

D Puhe
> There is an obvious buffering problem ive tried to explain over and over :)

I feel bad for bothering you ;) Ok, finally found some hints here, thanks.

> > - Many subsequent calls to seem to greatly
> > affect the swf's performance:
> What do you mean by performance, sounds like a coding problem,

Well, it only occurs only when streaming with Red5 - with progressive
download there's no impact whatsoever on the framerate.
I initially assumed it must be my code, of course .. but there's really
nothing fancy going on, just converting playhead _x to seconds,
simple math, no Date object involved.
seek() is the bottleneck - when limiting calls to seek() (not the other
calculations) while scrubbing, performance loss becomes less significant.
I'll keep investigating.

> > - When the FLV has reached the end my NetStream instance seems
> > to be 'dead': that is seek() and pause() don't work until close()
> > and play("my.flv") is called again.
> i guess thats normal i usually call close before play ?

no, seems to be this:
we're running an older version.

regards, D

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