Red5-Client with Adobe Media Server

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Red5-Client with Adobe Media Server

Manabu Shibata

Can Red5-Client connect Adobe Media Server via RTMPT or RTMPS protocol?

I'm trying to connect to Adobe Media Server from red5-client (1.0.8-M13).
I could connect via RTMPClient, but RTMPTClient and RTMPSClient are failed with read time out error.

When I call RTMPTClient#connect(host, port, app) 
the client access to rtmpt://hostname:80/open/1, and success to get response and SessionID.
and then the client access to /send/1 automatically but AMS doesn't response and client will read time out error.

My code is just like this.

RTMPTClient client = new RTMPTClient();
Map<String, Object> param = client.makeDefaultConnectionParams(host, 80, app);
client.connect(host, 80, app, handler);

Is there any special settings for rtmpt?


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