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Red5 Open Source Installer Script

Rajdeep Rath
In case someone finds it useful:

Red5 Pro Installer script has been forked and extended to support Red5 open source with almost all the same fancy features such as Linux service installation, dependency installation, etc  with a few exceptions:


The Red5 Pro installer has been updated to support Red5 open source alongside pro, bringing smooth installation & configuration mechanism to Red5 open source. You can now experience the same operating system service installation as offered by Pro for tighter integration with the system, smart dependency installation and more...

For Operating systems supported by Red5 Pro


* Options such as `SSL Installer`,  `License Management` etc have been disabled for Open Source mode. these options will appear as `striked-through` in the menu option.

* Only `zip` archive format is supported (Which is available for releases) when installing from `GITHUB` or a different uploaded location. To install a non-release candidate, you need to extract the tarball, zip the content manually and upload it to `dropbox` or similar to get an installable URL.

• Do not attempt to install both Red5 open source and Red5 Pro together. Always uninstall one before attempting to install the other.

To enable Open source installation mode to edit the following properties selectively in `conf.ini`:


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