Red5 / Wordpress VideoWhisper Plugin = Connection Rejected

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Red5 / Wordpress VideoWhisper Plugin = Connection Rejected

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I have installed Red5 on my VPS and everything seems to be good to go. I've installed the apps onto Red5, tested olfaDemo and voila, we have connection when I input rtmp://IPHERE/oflaDemo

When I enter rtmp://IPHERE/videowhisper I get the following error via olfaDemo:

(179) Connections: true | true
(119035) connected?: true
(119192) NetConnection.onStatus:
  description = No scope 'videowhisper' on this server.
  code = NetConnection.Connect.Rejected
  level = error

(119193) NetConnection.onStatus:
  level = status
  code = NetConnection.Connect.Closed

The videowhisper is located in: /opt/red5/webapps/videowhisper  (not after videowhisper folder)

The plugin recommends to have it in the path that makes it rtmp://IPHERE/videowhisper so I believe this is correct.


Version of red5 isn't the latest 1.0.7+ it's around 1.0.4 or something, the newer one has issues with compatibility for me

JDK version: 1.8.0_101

ANT: 1.9.4


Hopefully this is enough information for the meantime and I highly appreciate anyone who can help.