Subscribers get behind in time on proxy

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Subscribers get behind in time on proxy

Juan Diego

As you might have read my previous emails I am restreaming certain stream to myself.  The idea is that my users are only going to see an output stream, while I have many input streams and I select which output they can see.
When any of my clients subscribe to my output stream they connect fine at first but then the video goes slower in time, and I dont mean that there is a just delay. I timed a clock on video and the time seems to go around 1/2 to 1/3 slower.
When I tell the proxy to unsubscribe I still see the video running for the time remaining. It make take like 30 seconds if I run it for a while.  It is like the clients are not getting the appropriate FPS or timestamp

I am using videojs and the publisher demo, and it is the same on both cases.

The original stream seems to be fine.
In the screenshot you can see the original stream on the top left, and the other 2 clients are connecting to the output, and they have a different time on the timer.

Is it as if they start to get behind as soon as they connect.



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