high availability with a cluster on red5

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high availability with a cluster on red5

Juan Diego
I know this might be a little bit off topic.  Anyways I modified a little bit  a red5 to be able to run on a cluster of Wildfly 10 on Amazon with an Elastic Load Balancer.  I still have to work on autoscaling. The cluster is working, all the http sessions are being replicated to the other servers, I tested them turning on and off the servers and no session was lost.
I suspected rtmp was not going  to work because when you connect to the server you have to open a connection and rtmp is not passing the rtmp sessions like http.sessions. 
So I see 2 options,
1) Check if it is possible to modify and configure Wildfly to work with rtmp sessions generated by red5, it sounds difficult maybe outside my capabilities, I would have to do research on this.
2) Solve this on the application level both at the server side and the client.  So on the client side reconnect if the application lost its connection.  I dont know if there is something else I shouild do on the client side.

I also wanted to ask if red5pro manages different rtmp connections on clusters, if the server drops connectivity and the client is redirected to another server does the client looses connection?

If I add HLS support to red5 whould this work different.


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