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Dominick Accattato-2
Hey Group!

I just wanted to share some really great improvements to the docs on our Professional version of Red5 (http://www.red5pro.com).

If you haven’t already checked my Developer Series, check it out here and subscribe:

along with the accompanying videos I recorded on those here:
YouTube Dominick Accattato

Also, we have some great new Guides that cover Server-Side concepts related to: 
- Scopes
- Streams
- State Management (SharedObjects)
- Plugin Development

You can view those guides here: https://www.red5pro.com/docs/serverside-guide/

Many of these cross over to understanding the open source server as well so it's generally a great place to learn more about the server.

a lot of awesome movement on our docs lately. If you have any questions, were here for ya!

Dominick Accattato
Red5 Co-Project Manager & Engineer


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