red5 vod server codec problem, video resets after pause and meta creation problem

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red5 vod server codec problem, video resets after pause and meta creation problem

fikri erdoğan

We have red5 vod server and we are using flv as formats for all our videos. Also we are using flowplayer flashplayer for our client in the web sites.

We have mainly 3 problems;

1) Some of our videos , which codec by AVC , jump 5-10 seconds forward each time they pause/play and because of that we had to use older Sorenson codec. is this a general problem with red5 ? or is there anything we can use to solve this problem.

2)When our clients pause the videos they are playing for few sec to few min video get resets to the beginning. This is a major problem for us because almost all our clients are need to watch our videos in their work. 
because of that they can only watch these videos part by part. plus for some of our projects we need to remove the controls in player. How can we solve this problem.

3)As you know when new flv video add to the red5, with the first request for that video came red5 start making meta file for that video.Our problem is for some reason most of the time red5 cant create meta file correctly and for those videos even though 
we can watch these video from start to finish  we cant seek after some point of video because of the incomplete meta. and for solving this we need to delete the meta file and restart the red5 and try there any way to solve this problem.

Thanks for Advance.


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